Dear Dragon Readers,

This week was very productive. We got a lot of filming done. We were able to film both scenes with Becca and Cashman. Let’s just say that Cashman takes his role very seriously. He gets right into character. We also had extra time and were able to re-film scene 23, which was originally with Becca and Drew, but we replaced Drew with Casey. The footage looks pretty good so far. Wednesday was certainly interesting. We attempted to film scene 2 with a serious case of the giggles. No, seriously though, we couldn’t get through a single set of dialog without hysterically laughing. We usually get through the lines pretty quickly, but it took all class long to finally get it. First Becca had the giggles, which then passed on to Nicky (the scene is with both of them), and then the giggles passed onto Casey, who was filming. We got through it though. Anyways, we’re spending today importing and editing the footage that we took this week. Ohhh and we also lost a poster. We put Drew on task of hanging up the posters and whattayaknow, one of them fell behind the lockers. We’re looking to find a job for him. I know he can be productive in some area, we just need to figure out what. ~stayin’ hopeful~ According to Bri, “‘Gabriella’ is doing a great job sub-clipping and editing. She has been spending so much time on this movie, and I’d just like to say, it’s CERTAINLY paying off”. That’s all I got for ya, seez ya zoon?



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