so0Oo0ooO0, we were supposed to be filming at Kim’s house today, but there was a slight bit of miscommunication and we are still at the school and there’s not much time left. Anyways, so today we have followed the “THINGS TO DO WHEN THERE SEEMS LIKE THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IN FILM:” checklist. We started by cleaning out our workstation.. and let me tell you, Dan Adorn loooves to keep his clothes under our station. Dan, if you’re reading this, please come claim your tee-shirt. Also, Bri finally cleaned up her mess of orange makeup off of our props. Although she managed to get more of it on the table, at least she got it off of the tapes and our passes.. kinda? We’ve updated our schedule and vacation week looks very very packed. We are going to be filming ALLLLLLL of the scenes where Nicky is going to be wearing that orange makeup- yummy!! We’re also going to be finishing up the rest of our scenes the following week. We’re flying!! When we get back from vacation, we’re only going to have about four scenes left to shoot so there will be plenty of time to edit and re-shoot if we have to. I’m guessing we’ll have to re-do a couple of them. Today we are sitting here with Dan and Hayley. Unfortunately Kiki couldn’t be here today, we miss her. Dan brings a lot of excitement to the crew. I think that’s all we have for today though. Adios amigos.


The Casey McGuill Log 2/17/12 Period 7 Film Class:

7:20 — Playing Temple Run

7:30 — Shuffling around aimlessly

7:40 — Arguing about books he read in English

7:52 — Helping Becca film

7:55 — Imitating/making fun of Dan Meyers

8:00 — Staring into space

8:05 — Complaining about how unorganized the Cherry crew is

8:17 — Helping interview teachers for his movie

8:25 — Chatting with Pat Maloney

8:29 — Annoying the other students in the computer lab who are typing papers.


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