Operation Dragon Kick-Butt


Hiya, Kiddies.

Operation Dragon Kick-Butt is up and running once again! Today is the day after vacation, so we’ve decided to hit the ground running in honor of the New Year and be even better and more productive than we were a week ago, which was hard to beat.  Before break, we had finished the pre-production process altogether and started filming. So far, we’ve done interviews with kids in the studies and at lunch about what they think prom should be like. Yesterday we started making posters for the hallway telling everyone how they should go to prom. We have an art direction meeting later where we will be continuing this with our amazing crew! We also ran into a little trouble filming a cafeteria scene that ended up with awful audio..no worries we are re-filming today to make sure we end up with stuff up to dragon fruit standards..

I hope you all had an amazing vacation! Happy 2012!

The Dragons

ps shout out to pomello..club mello is looking classy as always. And just remember Justin, Becca loves you.


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