Jersey Girl interview



This week was a little different than the past weeks have been. Since we don’t have many more scenes left to film, a lot of editing has been done. We also filmed quite a complicated scene. The whole crew took a trip to Nicky’s house. Let’s just say, only Nicky, Becca and Gabby stayed. Oh, and then we found Bri. But yea, so we weren’t expecting the red prom dress we are using to have a zipper on the side, we were hoping for in the back. But we made up for it. We had a little “side boob” issue, so that’s why we suggested that the boys just head back to school. We managed to film around the issue, luckily. Gabby stepped up and was our camera-woman for the day. I’d say she did a very good job! We also got a couple of the “documentary shots” involving Nicky to stuff her face with a ton of food. We’ve realized, that so far for this movie, she has eaten the following: 7 yodels, 3 cookies, a muffin, a twinkie, 2 donuts, a hostess cupcake, a Hershey’s bar, 2 snickers, 5 brownies, and a granola bar. Talk about chocolate overload!! The other documentary shots involve her hair being curled, her nails being painted, and putting on some mascara. We still need to get a few more. Yesterday, we started taking our pictures for the movie poster. Gabby and Becca and Jill both took theirs and had quite the ”attitude” looks. Also, we re-shot Jill’s jersey girl interview. It’s even better this time. She was dressed in a black dress with the poof in her hair and some heels! Currently, Becca and Gabby are putting together pieces of the documentary part. I think that’s all for now.



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