Home stretch


Hey everyone! Rachel here after school with Gabby editing and waiting for our fearless leader, you know who, to get out of her NHS meeting. Things are really winding down here at Dragon studios. Casey has been multitasking, shooting a short film for Haley Groden about her morning routine as well as working hard on the music, along with Patrick Maloney who composed the main theme. It sounds really, really good so far! I’ve been working on the breakfast commercial, in which Drew is the star, and is supposed to be here right now but has yet to show up. That’s ok, we’ll get it done tomorrow… hopefully. Bri has been working away at the title page, its gonna be mad cool. Nicky has been… helping Bri I think? I honestly am not sure. Becca and Gabby are, as ever, editing. These two are really the lifeblood of this movie, which is going to be so great. We saw the final product for our poster- words cannot describe the awesomeness (is that even a word? I can’t tell, my mind is jelly) of this poster.

We’ve done the rough cut and Mr. Alan is looking at it right now. Soon, we’ll all be splitting up and shipping off to other crews! I’m really excited to be soon working with the Cranberry crew on A Serious Student. From what I’ve seen while looking over Batchy’s shoulder looks freaking amazing! Who knows, maybe while I’m there I’ll discover their secret to music trivs. Couldn’t hurt, we’re right on their heals.

Alright, kids, thanks for listening.



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