Hellloooo fellow Dragons


This week has been awesome for team Dragon, lots of editing done by our fantabulous editors Rebecca Goula and Gabby DiRino! Monday we got interviews from kids around school, prepare to laugh your behinds off when you see these scenes!  Jill Songin wins the award for best interview to date. Speaking of Jill shes making our poster. We had a meeting this week which went really well. We bounced ideas around about what we want the poster to look like.  And we finally landed on a great idea. I can’t wait to see the finished project. What we love about our movie is that everyone gets in it. Not only  does everyone get in the movie but a lot of non-film fest kids will even get to be on the poster.This week we filmed several scenes that we had already done with Drew, now done with our actor/director Casey McGuill. Yes, folks, we dragons can do it all! Also, Pat Maloney has been such a sport working on our music! It sounds amazing! We’re still working to tweak it a bit to find the best sounds possible but so far its fantastic.

Many thanks to Mr. Bakale and all the kids in his study for tolerating us coming in and filming! You’re champs! Till next time kids!



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