So things have been pretty busy here at dragon fruit studios, the crew is right now out filming (and yes I’m stuck here doing editing tutorials which I LOVE) but anyways we are the first crew up and running. Obviously dragon fruit is just so productive and why are we so productive you ask? Probably because we aren’t stuck with Pete Bruen on our crew…just a thought. So far we’ve done mostly interviews, but let me tell you some of the stuff we got is GOLD. Kyle Celentano + kilt = movie magic!That’s all I’m going to say because we cant give away too much! We also had our art direction meeting and script meeting this week, both which were very successful. We are already planning a second art direction meeting after break to get posters made for our hallways scenes. Oh some other good news..we got the okay to film in a dressing room and not just any dressing room but a prom dress store (perfect I know) so we would like to thank Janelle from Chic to Chic for giving us the green light! Well that’s all folks happy holidays and have a good break from your favorite fruit, dragon fruit.



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