Fruit Nest Once Again


ATTENTION: Dragon Fruit has again found its way into the fruits nest! And with these five music trivs points there is now only one point that separates us from horned melon and ten points from cranberry. So yes a mere 10 points separates first from third place, needless to say its been a close race this year, and right now its anyones game. Well not really anyones, cause pomello certainly doesn’t have a chance…sorry. Anyways how did we get into the fruits nest again, well lets see our movie is almost done ( four scenes left) and we keep up with our blogs (which I think we are actually the only crew to blog weekly without fail)  our schedule is up-to-date (which Mr. Alan keeps stressing for the other crews) and we are never just sitting around doing nothing. So yes if you ask me we certainly deserved our place in the fruits nest. Anyways the last couple weeks have seemed unusually slow for us, not because we’ve lost momentum but simply because there actually isn’t much left to do. Today we are filming a modified scene 28 (the last scene in our movie) with Cashman, friday we are again taking another field trip to Nicky’s house where we will be taking pre-prom pictures. We’ve even finally scheduled our scene with Mrs. Earabino which will be taking place next friday first block. Everythings really coming together and we plan to finish up our movie with ample time left over to go back and reshoot and fix all of our little issues. Like mentioned in our previous blog the last week has pretty much been devoted to editing and the documentary montage thing is actually coming together really nicely, and with our shooting friday it should be done. We’ve also focused a lot on the interviews, trying to cut them down somewhat- but a lot of the stories are just so funny that we don’t want to get rid of them!

Welp I think that’s it.

Until next time,

Pce ❤ Dragon Fruit


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