February Break


Hello Dragon Fruit Followers,

Well I blogged at the beginning of this week and now by the end of the week there’s a lot to talk about. We ended up filming a solid eight scenes over vacation. Five of which were on Thursday alone. Tuesday we filmed part of scene 20. We filmed with Justin and its great, we still need to film the beginning part of that scene with Kellie Jo, but that should take us a solid three minutes to do so we aren’t concerned. Wednesday we filmed scene 16 in the Daybreak and thats actually one of my favorite scenes because Nicky is great in it and it involves eating donuts. Thursday was a huge day for us we filmed five scenes. We did our longest scene to date which involves me being tossed up against the locker. That was really fun and again Nicky was great, but not only was this perhaps Nicky’s best scene it was also Casey’s. We then traveled to Nicky’s house to film scenes 17, 18, 19 and 25 all these scenes are edited and look great. Today, Friday, was my day devoted to editing. Now that vacation is over Dragon fruit has a total of  6 scenes left to film which is insane! Three of these scenes are incredibly easy and should be taken care of within the next two weeks.

In other news we’ve handed in our Oscar picks and Dragon fruit is looking to get some big music triv points! I know this wont win but The Help- best movie ever. Also Bridesmaids sucked and shouldn’t have been nominated for anything.

But perhaps the most important thing is that I have had an unbelievable success rate in music trivs. and my unbelievable success consists of getting about five right answers, thats HUGE for me. Certainly my favorite part of vacation, I don’t think anyone understands how excited I got when Story of a Girl, Old Time Rock and Roll, and Fergalicious came on…


Tata for now.



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