Faculty Interviews


This week we’ve been busy like always. Monday we didn’t have class but that didn’t stop us from filming. Thats the day Becca made a new friend with the Spanish teacher Ms. Lea. We interviewed Ms. Lea, making her our first teacher interview so far! She had great prom gone wrong stories, and she didn’t have just one but three… needless to say she’s had rough prom experiences.No worries she’s not bitter at all about it and is willing to laugh at her self. Mrs. Lea is only one of our many planned teacher interviews we are planning to talk to Ms. Padis, Ms. Culliton, Mr. Mullaney, Ms. Quann,  Ms. Cannon,St. Martin and Jean all about their prom gone wrong stories.  Thursday Becca will be talking with Ms. Quann about her prom story which involves a very classy mullet. This week we also re-shot scene 7 in the math wing, but this time with Casey and the stuff looks good, its all edited and what not. Today we’ve dedicated the day to figuring out just what we should do over vacation. Our shooting schedule over vacation is ambitious to say the least but if we manage to get it all done we’ll be in a really good place. Currently Casey is in touch with Anthony attempting to figure out whens the best time to shoot at his house with his mom. Friday Dragon Fruit is planning a field trip to Kim Ciardiello’s (yes Casey’s girlfriend) closet to film a scene.

In other news this week was spirit week and Becca went all out most days. Most school spirit award?? We think so! Also, In physics Becca’s egg suffered a hairline fracture after being dropped one story… Rachel’s died instantly on impact. Ms. Rhodes wasn’t impressed.


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