Dragonfruit here!


Long time no blog, I can’t even remember when our last blog was or what it was even about. So I guess I’ll talk about  the last scene we did with Cashman. It was good, I personally like the unconventional ending to the movie. Also with Cashman we reshot scene one making it much less awkward and a lot more funny. Cashman is a natural at the art of ad libbing which makes scenes with him always interesting and funny.

Well in other news, our rough cut has been assembled and watched. Mr. Alan fixed our many audio troubles and says we “got the goods” there has been a few minor changes and three scenes have been added, all of which include Gabby. According to  Alan, Gabby is the key to this movie. I’m happy to put her in more considering she’s proven to be a real crowd pleaser. So now instead of her one scene now has four solid scenes to showcase her talent. So now dragonfruit is getting back into the swing of a demanding film schedule filming tuesday, Wednesday and thursday this week. If things go as planned,  we could have a rough cut finished next week and maybe this time we will get the green light. It’s a bitter sweet thing because, yeah it would be awesome to be done, but Alan said he’ll be splitting our little Dragon Fruit family up amongst the other crews. If I have a say in it I call being a plum fairy! But yeah when I relayed the message of the dragon fruit split up to the crew it was met with hard feelings. Clearly dragon fruit blood runs deep. So much love<3


ps I saw Hunger Games this weekend, unreal. Everyone see it.


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