Every year there is one movie that jumps out of the gate and never looks back. This year it’s Promzilla. These guys have been shooting pretty much every day since late December. I keep expecting to walk into the computer lab one morning and for them to say, “We’re done. What next?” This crew is lead by director Rebecca Goula. I wish I could bottle whatever it was that turned Rebecca from a diffident, gun-shy film student last year to an unstoppable, do-it-all director this year. I give loads of credit to Emily Quinlan and her wonderful crew that did Hair Salon last year; they taught Goula well. Goula is helped out by co-director Casey McGuill. Casey does three things very well for the crew: shoot the scenes, play Temple Run, and look pretty. Becca is also helped out by Bri Doherty (art director), Drew Matherson (boom operator), Rachel St. Germain (asst. director), and Gabby Dirino (editor)—all of whom seem willing to do whatever it takes for the film.  The movie itself is a mockumentary in the vein of Glue and Cranberry’s Crusade; it follows a girl’s journey to the prom where everything goes wrong. Goula thought of the idea and did a great job executing the script. As with any mockumentary a lot depends on the acting. Which brings us the biggest surprise of the crew: Nikki Browne. We finally have a great role for a girl in the film festival and Nikki is nailing it. It really is a pleasure to watch this crew work. Thanks to McGuill, this crew has some teeth in regards to holding their own with other crews—talking smack, starting wars, hiding Penelope Plum in the ceiling, etc. Being a mockumentary, however, has its drawbacks. It’s a simple story without any huge set pieces or big faculty performances, and as a result this movie is flying under a lot of people’s radar. I actually think a low profile might help it with the academy, whose reaction to mocks in the past has been hard to gauge (Glue got snubbed; Cranberry got a best pic nom). You never know.

Buzz: A Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha


The crew is lead by Casey McGuill. Casey is a formidable Trivs player—no one is doubting that. However, he lacks the quickness of his older brother, Ryan, to make him a dominant player (in fact, I don’t think the adjective quick has ever been used to describe Casey before in his life, regardless of the task). As a result, Casey is often beaten to the punch by his music-trivs arch-rival, Pat Maloney. Becca and the girls will pick up some of the girly songs (T. Swift, etc.) with Bri Doherty and Gabby sniping an occasional 80s song. They’ll probably end up near the top of the heap fighting for a top spot.


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