Burning Chocolate


Hellllllooooooo @TheRealDragonFr followers/readers,

This week we have been doing a lot of filming. On Monday we re-filmed the library scene. Unfortunately, we had filmed over it before so we had to film it again. It’s good footage and we have already edited it. On Wednesday we filmed scene 7 in the math wing. Although we had some minor poster difficulties and lighting problems, it is currently being edited and looks like it will turn out good. We had to hang posters over the windows in order to block the BEAMING sun that was coming through. We were unaware of how un-sticky the walls in the math wing are. Posters were flying down constantly. Drew is becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. It doesn’t take as many takes as it used to for him. Once he gets into the swing of things, his lines come flowing right out. That’s all for this week. Last week over midyears we got work done. We filmed everyday, the favorite scenes of the week would have to be the one we did in Padis’ room with Nicky with chocolate all over her face, it looked real good. FUN FACT- if you put a chocolate bar in a microwave for a minute IT WILL BURN. So if you ever need to melt chocolate to smear on someones face, yeah 30 seconds will probably suffice. But certainly the highlight of the week would be turning Nicky orange and filming in the bathroom. Tensions were high in this crisis scene but the end product is wonderful.



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